Please Trade with BTIG on Charity Day 2011

Please Trade with BTIG on Charity Day 2011


Pediatric Cancer Foundation is thrilled to be participating in BTIG’s 9th Commissions for Charity Day Wednesday, April 27, 2011. The success of the day is 100% driven by how much business institutional accounts choose to do with BTIG on that day. Please support Pediatric Cancer Foundation by sending your orders to BTIG.

BTIG has the ability to trade equities (domestic and international), derivatives, futures and fixed income.

What is unique about this day and BTIG?
BTIG now has 400+ employees with 1,500 active institutional accounts. This makes BTIG the perfect facility to provide the institutional community a great conduit to give back to a large group of important Charities. With a leading position in trading volume on a daily basis vs. our peers, this Charity Day is a great one to support from the client’s perspective.

If you currently do not have a relationship with BTIG, please call Steven Starker or Rick Blank at 212-593-7971.