Pleasantville Women Create Local PCF Blue Streak Stir

x3_logoPleasantville Women Create Local PCF Blue Streak Stir

October 20-22nd, Pleasantville local retailers celebrate PCF by participating in a town-wide PCF Blue Streak fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer Foundation. PCF applauds Cari Lynch as well as Dina Laurence and Deborah Notis of x3 Communications for their high energy and commitment to children with cancer.

See list of participants below and what they have donated:

  • x3 Communications – Event Sponsor
  • Lucio’s Pizzeria – monetary donation
  • Aardvark Pet Supplies – donated profits from sales of blue item
  • A’Mangiare – gift certificate
  • Cold Stone Creamery – profits from sale of blue, cotton candy ice cream
  • Flour & Sun Bakery – created a blue cupcake
  • Frank/Joe’s Deli – profits from sale of specialty wraps
  • Glass Onion Originals – profits from total sales
  • Iron Horse Grill – profits from sales
  • Kid’s U – gift certificate
  • Kapatid Karate – monetary donation
  • Keck Heating – monetary donation
  • Photo Works – profits from sales
  • The Art of Wine – profits from sales
  • Roc-n-Roes Pop Shop – profits from sale of blue, cookie monster ice cream
  • Sir Speedy – printed all materials
  • Michael’s – gift certificate
  • Bollywood Bistro – gift certificate
  • Jacob Burns Film Center – gift certificates
  • The Village Bookstore – gift certificates
  • Party City – donated 100 balloons for the event
  • Try and Buy Toy Stores – donated 20% of profits from the sale of all Thomas products
  • Dragonfly Cafe – profits from sale
  • Wisteria – donated profits from sale of products
  • Keane’s – profits from sale of special cookie made for event
  • Home Services Shop – donated half day of free services
  • Precios Papers – gift certificate
  • Sundance Deli – donated percentage of profits from sales
  • Beautiful Hair Color – gift certificate for a free haircut
  • Nilsson’s Floral Company – profits from sales
  • McArthur’s – monetary donation
  • The Art of Wine – donated profits from sales
  • Pony Express – donated 20% of sales of all specialty hamburgers

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