Pediatric Cancer Survivor Story

Krista’s Story

My name is Krista and I’m a pediatric cancer survivor. Next year will be 20 years since being diagnosed. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a pediatric cancer of the lymph nodes, at the age of 13… READ MORE

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Her Mom Tells Super Sophie’s Childhood Cancer Story

Her Mom Tells Super Sophie’s Story

My name is Mary Herron. My whole world fell apart when my daughter Sophie was diagnosed with pediatric cancer. Before Sophie’s diagnosis, she was the picture of health. I don’t think she had ever even had an ear infection. Her diagnosis was the absolute worst day of my life, up until that point. It is every parent’s worst nightmare, and I was living it.

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Hayden Wheatley’s Story – A Cancer Survivor

Hayden Wheatley's story - A cancer survivor

2016 started out like any other year. Winding down from the holidays and dreaming of warmer weather. Slowly but surely April 2016 brought us that sunshine we had been craving and we were spending our days playing outside and getting ready to plant flowers soon. Life was good. During the third week in April, my youngest daughter Hayden threw up a couple times right before bed. I didn’t think much about it. I figured she had a little stomach bug or something and went about our days… READ MORE

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